Activities :

Sal Island is best known for its water sports:

Kitesurf – Surf – Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – Bodyboard – Skimboard – Windsurf – Scuba Dive – Snorkeling – Sailing – Big Game Fishing – Bottom Fishing- Jetski – Flyboard

Sal is also great for land-based activities:

Horseback riding – Excursion in quad – Tour of the island – Swimming in the salt marshes – Paintball – Djembe lessons – Shopping… etc.


Excursions of 2 to 5 days on other islands in Cape Verde can also be organized.

  • Sao Vicente/Santo Antao :

Discover Sao Vicente, the island of Cesaria Evora, with a rich musical culture, then take the ferry to Santo Antao, a green island, ideal for hiking and tasting grog (local rum).


  • Fogo / Brava

Discover Fogo, the active volcano island, climb the volcano, stroll along the edge of the crater where you can see the still warm lava (the last eruption was in December 2014) and sleep in close to the volcano while tasting the wines of Fogo. Then take the ferry to Brava, the smallest of Cape Verde’s 10 islands and discover this region far away from tourist circuits.


  • Sao Nicolau

An island perfect for hiking, with charming inhabitants, great landscape diversity, far away from mass tourism…


  • Santiago / Maio

A good island for hiking, Santiago is home to the capital of Cape Verde (Praia), and it offers many activities (discovery, shopping, hiking, surfing, etc.). Then go to Maio, the island is only visited by few tourists and has the most beautiful white sandy beaches of Cape Verde.