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Kitesurfing progression classes in Cape Verde

You have already done a few hours of kitesurfing and you want to continue?

Here are the details of our “intermediate” courses that will allow you to get back to basics and progress quickly.

The course takes place with an instructor and one kite per pupil in private lessons or 1 kite and 2 pupils in group lessons (2 or 3 people maximum).

•    Safe navigation:

You learn to be more confident in your ability to kite. You get up with each waterstart, you improve your kite flying technique, you go in both directions sides without falling down. You learn priority rules when navigating and to ride in the middle of other kitesurfers. You learn how to self-rescue so you get out of difficult situations (breaking some gear, the wind drops, an injury).

•    Going upwind:

You learn to edge and steer your body in order to go upwind. This then allows you to ride in all directions (downwind, sidewind, upwind).

•    Transitions, tack transfers:

We teach you how to turn around, make switch transitions, jibes, so you improve your navigation technique.

•    First jump:

Kitesurfing is a 3-dimensional sport. You are autonomous and ride both ways without any problem while going upwind, then it’s time to learn how to fly. You learn how to make your first jump and land it safely.

Then add style to your jumps with a grab or a rotation.


Par kiteverde

Professional kitesurfing coaching

Your kitesurfing level is good but you have been stuck for several sessions on a particular jump? Would you like to switch to strapless? Ride your first big waves? Our freestyle and strapless instructors follow you to help you progress safely on all Sal island spots.

Freestyle kitesurfing lessons with a twin-tip board:

Learn rotations (backloop, frontloop), railey, kiteloop, unhooked, board off, one foot, different grabs… etc.

Strapless surfkite lessons:

You want to start riding with a directional board (surf board). We teach you the waterstart in strapless, your first tacks, how to change your feet, to make tack transfers, jibes, and even how to start strapless freestyle (first jumps).

Wave coaching:

A 3-hour class to learn how to ride the waves, guided by a specialized instructor who ensures safety at the spot. Attention, this class is intended for confirmed riders with a good surfing level. You will learn about the incredible spots on the west coast of the island: Ali Baba, Secret Spot, Canoa, or even if your level allows it, the famous Ponta Preta right wave.

Guided downwind:

We offer you several guided downwinds:
Kitebeach -> Santa Maria (20 minutes ride)
Pedra de Lume -> Kitebeach (1h ride)
Your instructor will first give you the theory, show you how to set your kite for downwind, teach you the navigation technique for downwind and explain the course and route to follow. Then, he provides security during downwind. Autonomous level required.


Par kiteverde

Strapless kitesurf performance!

You want to learn and/or progress in strapless kitesurfing! Contact us! Our experts will make you discover the best spots of the island according to the conditions. Here are a few pictures to get you in the mood!